Whatever you call it, you find you are delivering change all the time - to grow, to keep up with the competition and to provide great customer experience. As a startup or an SME, change is probably not your core business. But it is ours.

We can help you work out how to do just enough of what’s right for you. Enough structure to give you clarity, enough flexibility to respond quickly, enough best practice to know you’re doing things the most efficient way for the size of your company. 

Because when you start to deliver change right, you start to see real results. Which means you can start reaping the benefits sooner and move on to other projects faster. Which means you can grow your business...It’s a virtuous circle.

We work closely with you using creative but practical, proven and hands-on methods, tools and guidance to help make your change delivery lifecycle the best it can be. So you can get on with running your business.

Does that sound appealing? Then let’s have a conversation...

Email us at hello@projecteria.co.uk

Flexible Consultancy

Do you know you need to deliver projects better, perhaps because you're a growing company? We work closely with you to improve change delivery, troubleshoot issues, or create structure across your company so you can start to deliver projects more effectively. We provide short term, flexible change-related Interim and Consultancy services right into your business, where you need it most.

Team Workshops

Do you want to train your team to deliver your projects effectively, creatively and without unwieldy project management methods that you just don't need? We can deliver engaging, memorable change-related training workshops. From a series of themed workshops to one-off sessions to suit you. Ideal for startup businesses, growing businesses, or project teams in established SMEs. 

Visual Templates


Having the right Visual tools can make all the difference. Tools that engage and create discussion, and give you the facilitating edge at key points in your project. We do the preparation work for you, providing Visual templates and session plans for delivering engaging, memorable project workshops.

COMING SOON: downloadable Workshop Templates.